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FatigueMotorcyclistsDriver distractionsSafe vehiclesCyclistsSeat beltsImpaired driving
Drivers who have consumed alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs put themselves and other road users at risk when they get behind the wheel.
Intersection crashes
In 2008, the State Government released its 12 year road safety strategy, Towards Zero.
Speed management
Speeding encompasses excessive speed or inappropriate speed (driving too fast for the conditions, but within the limits) (OECD/ECMT 2006).
Run off road crashes
What is the supporting research and evidence?​
The safety of people walking and people riding.

National Road Safety Week resources
15-22 November 2020
National Road Safety Week 15-22 November 2020


Talking points for teachers and parents

These resources include talking points to spark a road safety conversation between children and their teachers or parents.

You will also find suggested answers and WA road rules to help guide what could be a potentially life-saving conversation for our young road users.



National Road Safety Week poster

Poster produced by SARAH Group and Road Safety Commission.

Download poster

Video animations produced in conjunction with SARAH Group

Day 1 - Sunday Nov 15

Day 2 - Monday Nov 16

Day 3 - Tuesday Nov 17
Drive to work

Day 4 - Wednesday Nov 18
Move over

Day 5 - Thursday Nov 19
Vulnerable road users

Day 6 - Friday Nov 20
Shine a light

Day 7 - Saturday Nov 21

Day 8 - Sunday Nov 22
Loved ones

Rove McManus promotes National Road Safety Week 2020

Email animation

Streets Ahead


Streets Ahead is a part of the Road Safety Commission community education program.

Resources on Streets Ahead contain our regular community messages on various road safety topics.



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