ABS for motorcycles

The Serious Sale

If you’re a motorcyclist, no amount of crazy technology will keep you safe from a crash – simple, common sense advice however can go a long way to keep you safe.
So, we created a line of fake, ridiculous motorcycle safety products – set them up in a Perth motorcycle shop and brought in some unsuspecting motorcyclists to gauge their reactions of our silly products.  Real motorcyclists, not actors.
Yes, the video is hilarious. But it is serious in showing that a bike fitted with ABS brakes is a safety feature you want to look for.

Anti-Lock Braking System or ABS technology in motorcycles increases safety for riders by preventing the wheels from locking when the rider brakes and increasing the stability of the bike.
A 2015 report by the Monash University Accident Research Centre evaluated the effectiveness of ABS on motorcycle safety in Australia. 

The report found that the inclusion of ABS as a standard safety feature on motorcycles could result in a 31% reduction in death and severe injury in a crash.

From November 2019, a new Australian Design Rule requires all new motorcycles sold in Australia to be fitted with an advanced braking system.

The Federal Government anticipates that over a 15-year period, advanced braking systems, such as ABS or Combined Braking System (CBS), would save the lives of around 600 motorcyclists, as well as produce a net benefit of over $1.6 billion to the Australian community.

Monash University Accident Research Centre ABS Evaluation