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Western Australia’s regions are a popular destination for holidaymakers, particularly those towing caravans and trailers while exploring our great state. 

Road rules

  • The maximum legal speed limit for any vehicle towing a trailer or caravan is 100km/h.
  • Vehicles towing a caravan or trailer must drive at least 60 metres behind heavy vehicles or other towing vehicles, unless overtaking. Drivers of road trains or B-doubles must maintain a following distance of at least 200m, unless overtaking.
  • People are not permitted to ride in a trailer or caravan that is being towed.
  • Failure to properly secure a load will attract a $150 infringement.
  • If you are towing a load wider than your vehicle, you must have towing mirrors in place.

Safe towing

You must not drive a vehicle that is carrying a load:
  • If the load makes the vehicle unstable or otherwise unsafe.
  • If the load projects from the vehicle in a way that could injure a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or pedestrians, or damage a vehicle or anything else (including the road surface).
  • Unless the load is restrained on the vehicle so that the load, or any portion of it is unlikely to fall or become dislodged from its restraints.

Be sure you know the legal load limit for your vehicle and make sure your load is well secured as incorrectly secured loads can cause rollovers.

Add 200kg to the weight shown on the vehicle licence paper to allow for bedding, travelling gear, stores, and equipment.

Be courteous in sharing the road with other users. Check your rear vision mirror regularly to see if traffic is building up behind you. If you are holding up traffic, pull over and stop when it is safe to do so. There are 1,648 Main Roads WA rest stops and amenities around WA to avoid fatigue.

If you wish to drive on unsealed roads in remote areas, ensure that your caravan or camper trailer is built to handle these tough conditions (check with the manufacturer). Make sure it has four-wheel-drive tyres with a high clearance and upgraded suspension that can withstand corrugations and rough road surfaces.

Caravan towing guide

Caravan Industry Association of Western Australia recommends all drivers consult the
*National Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide before embarking on a road trip.
The guide provides advice on safely towing a trailer or caravan, training options, legal
requirements, braking system, tyres, off road towing and pre-trip preparation tips.

*National Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide
National Road Safety Partnership Program Safe Towing Fact Sheet
RAC WA Tips for Towing a Load
Caravan Industry Association of WA Travel Tips
Main Roads interactive map below shows rest areas, overnight stopping, roadside amenities and more.

Take a break
If you are travelling long distances these school holidays, be sure to take plenty of breaks and look out for WALGA RoadWise Driver Reviver and Coffee Stop locations.
These locations offer a free cup of coffee, tea and a biscuit, and most importantly, a chance to stop and revive so you can reach your destination safely.
Driver Reviver LocationsThe Driver Reviver Program is a community initiative operated nationally by volunteers. travellers can take a break in their journey for a free cup of coffee or tea, a biscuit and most importantly, a chance to stop and revive so drivers reach their destination safely.
 Coffee Stop LocationsWA coffee stop is a Western Australia program involving roadhouses and service stations providing free coffee/tea to drivers across Western Australia and encouraging drivers to take a break from driving.