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Road Safety Research Forums

In 2018, the Commission launched its inaugural Road Safety Research Forums to showcase important road safety research in Western Australia.

The city and regional forums were supported by the Road Safety Council, Road Safety Research Review Committee (sub-committee to the Council) and hosted by the Road Safety Commission.

The days included a series of sessions involving presenters from Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre (C-MARC) as well as government officers with a stake in the relevant actions and recommendations that flow from the research.

The intent of the Forums were to showcase local road safety research and demonstrate its application within road safety policy and practice.

The 2018 Road Safety Research Forums, in Perth and Bunbury, included presentations from research and policy practitioners across the following topics and Q and A sessions:

  • Safe roads and roadsides.
    • evolution of the run off road program
    • intersection performance
  • Safe road use.
    • illicit drug related crash and offences
    • alcohol related crashes
    • fatigue driving
  • The future - emerging road safety issues.
    • speed management
    • autonomous/automated vehicles

Video presentations from the Perth Research Forum

Research Forum presentation part 1
Research Forum presentation part 2
Research Forum presentation part 3