Zero Excuses

Continuing to build on the vision is one of no road deaths and serious injuries - a future where every journey is a safe one; the Road Safety Commission entered a partnership with Seven West Media to create an integrated editorial and advertising campaign.

Through the Seven TV network, PerthNow, The West Australian, The Sunday Times and regional press across WA, the partnership delivered the Zero Excuses campaign state-wide. This ‘start the conversation’ campaign endeavoured to shift the general community mindset to one of shared responsibility. This was about the media partner not only delivering the messages but owning them.

1. TV Ads: Zero Deaths Start with Zero Excuses

Television commercials highlighted the ripple effect of road trauma.

2. Radio Ads: Zero Deaths Start with Zero Excuses

3. Drivers Voice Survey & support editorial

The West Australian launched the Drivers Voice survey, inviting West Australians to participate and share their views on the driving habits of fellow road users.
The survey resulted in over 6,700 participants, which Seven West used to table an editorial campaign across their TV press and digital media around WA.

Zero Excuses Media (PDF)

4. Take a Pledge

The campaign then invited West Australians to take a personal pledge to safe driving. This was supported by Seven West personalities:

Mark Reddings

Samantha Jolly

Amelia Broun

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