Project Grants

Project Grants were developed to provide funds to organisations and groups to develop and implement projects based on the Towards Zero 2008-2020, the State Government’s road safety strategy.


Grant rounds
Project grant applications must be received at least three months prior to the commencement of the project and are assessed quarterly.
Applications close on the last Friday of March, June, September and December at 5.00pm.

Grant amount
A maximum amount of  $25,000 can be applied for. The amount funded is based on the Road Safety Community Grants Committee's assessment of the application.


  • The potential to increase knowledge and change attitudes and behaviours to improve road safety
  • A focus on road safety promotion and the prevention of trauma using a population or community-based approach with the aim of preventing road crashes causing serious injury and death across the state
  • Relate to current road safety research
  • Demonstrate clear relevance to the identified target group
  • Demonstrate widespread community support and participation
  • Demonstrate sustainability of the project after initial grant funding
  • The project translates as good value for money
  • The application addresses a gap in current road safety promotional activity
  • Provide a contribution in cash or kind towards the project
  • Demonstrate a regional focus for maximum impact
  • Road Safety Commission to approve each use of government logos and campaign artwork in all media releases, promotion, advertising and merchandise
  • Use an approach that has previously been successful in achieving road safety objectives
  • Include other planned road safety key activities such as advertising, broadcasts, promotion, online and public relations (this will also determine the funding amount)
  • Applying organisations must have an ABN number
  • Organisations that abide by relevant State and Federal legislation, as applicable; for example, in respect to Working with Children Screening, Criminal Record Checking and Liquor Control

Invoicing and funding

If your grant application is successful you are required to: 

  • Submit an invoice within one month of the notification of a successful grant application
  • Applicants will be required to sign a Declaration and Acceptance - Grant Terms and Conditions form within one month of the notification of a successful grant application
  • All grant applications are exclusive of GST

Evaluation requirements

A project evaluation report and a project acquittal form are to be submitted within three months of the project’s completion

If the project is for longer than six months it is a condition that the group complete an interim evaluation report every six months for the duration of the project, as well as submit a final evaluation report within three months of the completion of the project

How to Apply

Follow these steps


All funded Project Grants must have an evaluation report and acquittal form completed within three months of the project being completed.

Evaluations are an important part of the Road Safety Community Grants Program in that they allow applicants to determine the impact of their project on the intended target audience and the overall success of the project in improving road safety.

Project evaluation reports are important in assisting the grants committee to

  • Evaluate the Community Road Safety Grants Program as a whole
  • Measure objectives and results based on the initial funding submission
  • Assist other groups and organisations to deliver road safety projects that are effective

If a project evaluation does not effectively demonstrate the impact of the project on the community, this is taken into consideration and may impact on the allocation of grant funds to similar projects in future.

Please contact the Road Safety Community Grants Officer via email to receive the Evaluation and Acquittal Forms at